Founded in 2018, Carlsonstock is looking to simplify the purchasing and licensing of stock photos, illustrations, video, audio, etc.

For many years I have been a customer of many stock houses and have always been confused by the licensing options and even when I think I understand the license, I’m still worried they will come after me for accidental misuse.

In an attempt to help my colleagues, I am starting a small stock house with many of my photos and will eventually grow into a platform for other contributors to sell their creative works.

What will be the definitive difference is ONE licensing option! Purchase the photo and use it however you want…none of the nonsense with subscriptions, ridiculous licensing limitations, outrageous pricing for full unregulated licensing. Here at Carlsonstock, purchase the photo and use it any way you want to…just don’t resell it and/or give it away for free. That’s it!

Please join me in the growth of Carlsonstock to be the new standard for stock houses.

Thank you!

Chad J Carlson